Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Goodbye Mrs Coombes

Mrs Coombes is...

Mrs Coombes is a bubbling vat of delicious and sweet caramel.
She is a smart cooking machine flipping hundreds and thousands of patties at a time.
Mrs Coombes is a kind and happy mother bear feeding her cubs.
She is a bright and delectable rainbow cake topped with sprinkles and sunshine.
Mrs Coombes is a gourmet chef winning awards with her chicken nuggets.
She is a social dolphin splashing around school and communicating with us all.

We love Mrs Coombes and we will miss her very much!

From Room 6

Monday, 9 April 2018

Icy's Back!

I received a very happy email from Tait letting me know that her cat has finally come back home. Poor Isis (Icy) has been missing for a long time.

What a beautiful kitty :)

Hi Miss Stuhlmann,
I just waned to tell you that we have found our lost cat Isis (Icy)
She is so happy to be home and is very cuddly.
We are very happy to have her home as well.
P.S here is a photo of her:

It's so lovely to hear that Icy is back!

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Help Needed

This week for writing we looked into job advertisements. We investigated what information was included in a job advertisement so we could help out our friend Bunz the Easter Bunny.

Next time your at school, swing by room 6 and have a look at our awesome job advertisements! Some of them are sure to make you laugh.


In preparation for Easter, room 6 have been working on some Easter art.

First we took an egg and made a small hole at the top of the egg and at the bottom of the egg. Next we blew air into the top hole to push out all of the slimy mess inside! Lastly we decorated our eggs.

We also used our fantastic problem solving skills to build nests, houses and baskets for our eggs to keep them safe.

Do you like our eggs?

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Twins Basil!

Congratulations to Nathan Mclelland from room 6 and Hamish Mclelland from room 11 who were both awarded certificates during our whole school assembly on Friday.

They have been working really hard at developing confidence and applying this to their school work. Great job boys!

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Project Jonah


It was fantastic to learn some amazing facts about whales and dolphins from the people at Project Jonah.

Did you know that the blue whale can grow to 30 METERS?!!! That's the length of our school hall! 

Friday, 16 March 2018

Discovering Room 6's Artists

We have been working on our sketching skills this term in preparation to create peer portraits. We have figured out how best to hold our pencils, how to move our fingers and wrists to make the best lines, how to create shapes to piece together a picture, how to shade for a 3D effect and now we have challenged ourselves to draw an eye.

I am so amazed by all of the room 6 students! Check out our eye sketches.